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Preparing for Lighting Installation - JACO Electric Is Here To Help You Out

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

When it comes to light installation services, different demands require different models and project specifications. Light installation may vary from simple low-voltage lighting to more complex recessed lighting.

Homeowners are met with the option of either installing said fixtures and compartments themselves or having experts come in and do the work for them. More often than not, people will overestimate their abilities or underestimate the complexity of the fixture to be installed.

While some projects can be carried out by the average homeowner generally it is best to - Call a professional.

JACO Electric

Based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - JACO Electric is much more than your average residential electrician in the Tulsa area. At JACO Electric, our team of skilled and qualified experts have a total of 30 years’ worth of experience that enables us in providing maximum customer satisfaction.

Services offered by JACO Electric include replacement, repair, and installation for all of your residential or commercial electrical needs.

The size of the workload does not matter to us—what truly matters is customer satisfaction. As is evident through numerous reviews, our customers have always held our services in the utmost regard.

At JACO Electric, we only employ the most thorough servicemen in the Tulsa region. Whenever we're given a service call, the very first thing that we do is conduct an inspection of the problem at hand and concurrently analyze the situation.

Having understood the problem, our servicemen move on to the second phase, and that is providing the caller with viable options. Among these options, we offer detailed reviews of all the necessary codes that would have to be checked.

Hence, in doing so, we are able to allow our customers to make safe and smart electrical options that would benefit them in every way possible.

Different Types of Light Installations

With time and age came some various options for light installations that homeowners can choose from. These options range from simple and minimalism to over the top and eye-catching.

Regardless of the type, the fact of the matter is that various fixtures call for multiple specifications. Additionally, concrete decisions have to be made to assess whether these specifications are easy enough for a layman or would require a professional.

The following is a list of viable light installation options accompanied by a comprehensive guide on their properties, followed by installation specifics.

1. Deck Lighting

2. Low-Voltage Lighting

3. Recessed Lighting

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting refers to fixtures installed in patios and porches. Overall, the fundamentals of deck lighting are to follow anything that utilizes several various accessories that provide low-intensity light that would maximize safety, along with enhancing the porch sitting experience.

Following are a list of various fixtures above that can be installed to accentuate your patio:

● Post Lights:

As the name suggests, these are lights that have to be installed on top of deck posts or railings. The purpose of post lights is to provide a vast amount of view to the majority of the patio area.

Hence, post lights are ideal for installation at the top and bottom of stairways or other areas where there’s a risk for a hazard.

● Accent Lights:

Different from post lights, accent lights are installed in areas directed more downwards. For example, accent fixtures can be installed on posts, railings, or stairs and focus their light downwards. In effect, the decking, edges, and stairs are areas that would be illuminated via accent lights.

● Rope Lights:

As the name suggests, rope lights are composed of strings or a single string of low-intensity lights that are fitted into clear PVC tubes. In effect, rope lights are the most viable options for installation on the periphery.

To put this in context, consider the effect rope lights would have been they to be installed on the underside of railings or down stairways.

● Recessed Lights:

Contrary to any other type of view mentioned herein, recessed lights are introduced into the floor of the deck. They are small, low-intensity lights that accentuate the edges on either side of the stairway to. Thereof, illuminating the ends of the layer.

The list mentioned above is a simple guide for the average homeowner looking to accentuate and brighten-up his or her patio deck. The fact of the matter is that while the fixtures by themselves are smaller in comparison to many others, techniques and placements are much more complicated.

Hence, for installing deck lights, one would have to call up a professional or a team of skilled experts.

Low Voltage Lighting

For many homeowners, low voltage lighting possesses an attractive option. There are quite a lot of reasons for this. Primarily, they are simple enough to be installed by a layman and consequently are affordable.

From a technical standpoint, low voltage lighting uses less electricity than conventional lighting. From an aesthetic perspective, these fixtures are ideal for illuminating areas with a subtle and soft glow.

Most low voltage lighting fixtures are designed in such a way by manufacturers that they appear in kits that could be called DIY friendly. For the homeowner, the only specifications required would be having a GFCI receptacle.

Recessed Lighting

Over the years, increased demands in aesthetics have brought forth increased manufacture of lighting fixtures that would adhere to these demands. Of the many products and installations that have come to light thereof, the most popular ones are recessed lighting solutions.

To put it, recessed lighting is installed above ceilings. In effect, they differ tremendously from the typical bulb in terms of illumination. However, this is further aided by the fact that recessed lighting makes living rooms and bedrooms appear larger.

For recessed lighting fixtures, it would be a much safer bet to go with a skilled technician given the expertise that is also necessary for addition to wiring.

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