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The home electrical services that JACO Electric offers stand out in the whole Tulsa area, primarily because of our unparalleled commitment to providing quality with unrelenting insistence on quick responsiveness and safety. At JACO Electric, we have an excellent team of highly experienced technicians that understands the significance of assisting you in protecting all of your home electrical systems in which you have invested hundreds and thousands of dollars.

We proficiently do everything that is in our power to make your property a safe and happy place to live. Leave no hesitation if you are encountering any sort of electrical complication in your home. Give us a quick call, and we will be there in no time to offer you the following services.


Our qualified and fully trained technicians can make sure that the older and vintage houses easily manage all the modern electrical demands. While most of the modern homes are constructed to handle the load of around two hundred amperes, many older houses are not. It does mean that when you run TVs, printers, computers and a great deal of other electrical high-tech, modern appliances all at the same time, it can cause some issues in your home if it was built two decades ago.


There is absolutely nothing to be worried about though. Our skilled residential electrician in Tulsa has all the knowledge and tools to effectively and safely upgrade your house’s electrical system, so that it can handle all the modern electrical demands safely. 

Restoration of Power Due to Dead Fuse Boxes or Electrical Panels 

For your own and your beloved family’s safety, it is of utmost importance to get in touch with our professional residential electricians if your home goes dark because of the electrical panel’s or fuse boxes’ failure. Electricity can be dangerous and dealing with it without having proper information and tools can be lethal. That is why we implore you never make an attempt to fix anything on your own. Simply let us know your problem, and we will be there to help right away.

Installation of New Fans and Lighting Systems

Stop wondering about where you can get the fan installation near me. Our skilled residential electricians are always more than ready to offer you a helping hand in your projects of home improvement that usually involve the installation of outdoor lighting, basement lighting, bathroom lighting, lighting in your kitchen cabinets, recessed lighting, new fans and more.

In addition to the installation of new lights and fans, we are also fully capable of troubleshooting and repairing intermittent flickering of lights. Power fluctuations are generally a sign of issues with your home’s internal wiring. It can be a little tricky to precisely pinpoint the problem’s primary source. Therefore, the best and safest thing you can do is let our experts fix this issue. 

We are also quite proficient when it comes to offering the landscape light installation service. We have plenty of landscape lighting solutions that run at low voltage and are entirely safe, energy-efficient and economical. You can install them in the entry area, backyard and parking lot of your house. These lights will not only make your home secure, but they will dramatically enhance the architectural beauty of your house as well. 

Installation of Surge Protection

Power surges are quite common these days. They can originate from outside the house or from high energy equipment at the house, such as AC units. This endangers your expensive electronic devices that are plugged in, but can easily be avoided. Naturally, you will do everything you can to avoid such situations. 

One best way to protect your home and appliances from power surges is by installing “whole house” electric surge protection. Our residential electrical specialists at JACO Electric can ensure that your home is fully safe from such severe threats. 

Repairing of Overheated Electrical Panels and Circuit Breakers

The key reason behind the overheating of electric panels and circuit breakers is a severe problem in the internal wiring of your home. This scenario demands our reliable residential wiring service that will make sure that your house no longer faces power blackouts.


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