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JACO Electric has a specialization in commercial electrical installations and services.

Our team of professionals is highly skilled and well experienced in providing whichever commercial electrical service your business place might need. The provision of a cost-effective and safe environment for your company, where you can grow and operate efficiently is our ultimate goal.

We have expertise in performing very simple repair tasks to installing a critical device for your workplace. Regardless of the size and nature of the project, we always start our job by getting in touch with you so that we can comprehensively understand your needs, answer all the queries that you might have and review plans. Our brilliant technicians reach the spot in trucks that are well stocked. It allows us to commence work quickly. 

Whether you desperately need to get any emergency work done or want a routine commercial electrical repair, we always arrive at your workplace swiftly. The best thing about our services is that they come at a very fair and reasonable price. Give us a chance to prove our skills. You will see that your business can always count on us!


JACO Electric has professional and highly skilled commercial electricians who possess the following incredible characteristics:

  • Our electricians are equipped with state of the art technology and tools along with up-to-date information that let us complete the projects successfully and safely.

  • We are familiar with your sector and business’s specialized electrical requirements, from industrial and institutional facilities to restaurants and retail, and beyond.

  • Our experienced technicians always get the commercial electrical service done correctly on their first attempt. It prevents multiple safety hazards as well as potential disruptions that are caused by further delays.

  • We protect your commercial space by getting the proper approvals, permits, and inspections that are mandatory to get in your industry and area.

  • Our technicians offer you thorough explanations. Similarly, our up-front rates that are free of any overtime charges and other unexpected expenses help you a lot in making the best decision for your company.

    Commercial Electrical Services Offered by JACO Electric

Following are some of the most prominent services offered by us.

  • Diagnosis and Commercial Electrical Repair


Irrespective of what kind of electrical gear or equipment your company makes use of, you can always rely on our team of professionals who are available for you around the clock even to resolve the most complicated issues.

  • Upgrades and Installations 

Steer clear of potential damage and dangers to your expensive and crucial equipment by ensuring proper replacement of your existing electrical apparatus and installation of brand new machinery. In this regard our experts at JACO Electric can assist you in the following ways:

  • Commercial Electrical Enhancements

From routine installations of power outlets to full-fledged energy efficiency-related renovations, our experts have all the skills and tools that are required to accomplish the ideal environment to successfully and effectively carry out your business operations.

  • Commercial Electrical Security and Safety

Since the protection and safety of your invaluable customers and employees are extremely crucial, JACO Electric is a first-rate commercial electrical service provider that can meticulously assist you in addressing your business’s security needs, such as maintenance agreements, backup generators, security lights, motion detectors and many more!

  • Commercial Lighting

One of the most decisive factors in the creation of a perfect working environment for your business is customized lighting. Depending upon the nature of your work, we can adeptly lit your workplace that will eventually lead you to the road of prosperity and success. 



Is the electrical system placed in your company updated with respect to the latest electrical codes? In addition to regular commercial electrical repair, it is vital to keep on updating your electrical systems. Our dedicated technicians at JACO Electric can take good care of the maintenance of your company’s electric systems consistently.

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