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Helping you reduce your Electric Bill

During these trying times, we can all agree that finding ways to save money is something we are all thinking about. At Jaco Electric, we’d like to give you some ideas that our company can help for lowering your Electric bill. ● Use Dimmer Switches. Installing Dimmer Switches is a great way to start reducing your electric bill. What makes dimmer switches beneficial is that they restart every 120 seconds, without us even knowing. This moderates how much energy is needed, saving energy and money. ● Install and Use Ceiling Fans. Air conditioner units are among the top energy consumers of the home. By installing ceiling fans, or using the ones you have, can help circulate air throughout your home, easing the work of that all consuming A/C. ● Use LED Lighting. LED lights can reduce your lighting energy by 90%. Long term, this can save you quite a bit of money. ● Use a Programmable Thermostat. Controlling your home’s temperature is an essential way to cut your energy consumption. By using a programmable thermostat, you can use less energy while you are sleeping, at work, or away on vacation. ● Install Motion Sensors. Lighting can drain energy fast, and it is annoying when you have to keep turning lights on and off as you move around your home. Light motion sensors can be used inside, as well as outside. Motion sensors can help you save a few dollars off your electric bill, and pairing with LED lighting is a win win. ● Turn your lights off. As parents, one of the most common requests to our children is, “Turn the lights off!” This really is a must to cut electricity costs. It will reduce energy consumption as well as help cool your home since most light bulbs produce heat. At Jaco Electric, we are here to help you with any new installation or replacement to help cut those Utility bills. Please call us at 918-894-1622 to schedule your service today!

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