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Are you ready for Spring Storms?

No, we aren’t talking about shelter, candles, or flash lights. While those are definitely important, Jaco Electric would like to discuss power outages that may come from heavy winds or lightning, and offer advice for protecting you from expensive repairs.

❏ Do you know how to turn off or reset your main circuit breaker? If not, that’s something you should learn, to protect your electronics and appliances during power surges.

❏ Turn off and unplug all appliances, electronics, and lighting. Also, we suggest turning up

the thermostat to keep your A/C from running.

❏ Turn down the temperature in your freezer or refrigerator. Once the power goes out keep the doors closed and the cold air in to preserve the perishable items.

❏ A Backup Generator. Portable generators are only used when needed. An automatic standby generator will turn itself on almost immediately after the power goes out.

❏ Surge Protectors. There are different options with Surge Protectors. The most

common is for electronics, computers, printers. These can’t protect your larger

appliances tho. The next option is a whole home surge protector. This type of surge

protector is installed at the main breaker panel to help stop surges that come in from a

lightning strike in the neighborhood, a surge from the power company or the small surges

that happen around the home as well.

We never know what direction Mother Nature is going to take us, being prepared definitely helps to ease some of the worry. If you have any questions about getting a Generator installed or Whole Home Surge Protection, give us a call at Jaco Electric 918-894-1622.

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